Food and Accommodation in Tibet

Tibet serve the best food and accommodation in Tibet. The food includes Tibetan cuisine, Sichuan cuisine and western style dishes. Some hotel restaurants even provide Nepalese and Indian food. It's worth noting that Sichuan dishes in Tibet are more expensive than in other parts of China. Tourist restaurants also serve delicacies and almost every hotel has western food. Most of the restaurants can be found clustered around the Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Street, the center of Lhasa City, so that travelers can find places to eat and drink within easy reach.

Accommodation: Do not have high expectations and you will not be disappointed. The Deluxe hotels in Lhasa and other big Cities such as Xigatse and Gyangse are reasonably good, but some of the best available hotels/lodges during overnight stops on long drives can be quite frustrating and far from your expectation.

Some of the hotels provided for the budget travelers cannot in any sense, be classified as hotels. They are more of a dormitory type of teahouse accommodation with 3 to 4 beds in a room and no proper toilet facilities and a hot bath is a distant dream. It is always wise to bring along your own sleeping bag. The hotels in Lhasa are of course, far better.

Accommodation in Tibet is in hotels or lodges as specified. There are normally two categories of accommodation available, The Chinese run good hotels ( 4 –5 star by Chinese standards, which you may find below standard) or the economy hotels which are very basic, with common bath and toilets. But in Lhasa and some big cities in Tibet, the economy hotels are now reasonably good with attached bathrooms.
Accommodation  During Trek :
Accommodation during trek and during other camping days is in two men tents. It is suggested that every client brings their own sleeping bag for their own comfort. We will provide sleeping bags on request. Hot shower is one pleasure that is normally not available during tent accommodation and meals will be served in the camps.

Following items/services are provided for organized trekking tours:

Two men tents with sewn: in ground sheets and zipper openings, an elongated canvas bag for your clothing, equipment and sleeping bag, dining tents, chairs and tables and toilet tents, etc. are provided during all our treks. We suggest you to bring your own sleeping bags for your own comfort.

The trek crew members will consist of Nepali Sherpa cooks and helpers, Yaks as per requirement.
Food & Drink: On a normal tour breakfast is usually included in the tour price. Except for the meals in Lhasa, the meals at the other hotels and restaurants especially during lunch stops may be far from your expectations. It has been termed as unappetizing by most so bringing along some easy to eat snacks from Kathmandu for long overland tours is always a good idea.

While traveling in Asia, one must be careful about food and drink. Many travelers have problems with diarrhea. Despite your most conscientious efforts you may still come down with the dreaded ailment.
Foods During Trek: Food during trekking tours in Tibet is prepared fresh by our own Nepali sherpa cooks at the camp site. All food is as fresh as practicable and the sherpa cooks will amaze you with the variety of Indian, Nepalese and continental cuisine.

Foods To Eat Or Avoid: Foods that come to you piping hot and recently cooked are best. Foods that are peeled or skinned are also usually safe to eat. Especially when you are not sure under what conditions the food has been prepared, avoid cold salads or other not recently cooked food that may have been sitting out for a long period of time.

Water: Drink nothing but mineral water or anything prepared with boiled water. Mineral water is available at all stops. Carry enough water to last you for the day. Do not eat or drink from wet cups, forks or plates. Dry them first with some tissue paper or a clean handkerchief.