Travelling to Nepal, Tibet, India and Bhutan

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Nepal's popularity as a tourist destination has increased vastly over the last three decades. So have infrastructure and the possibility of visiting the far-flung parts of this mountain kingdom. Today, tourism is the major foreign exchange earner for the country and employs / engages a sizeable number of locals. Nepal has now emerged as a destination that prides itself on offering the best of services to traveler and tourist, suiting a whole range of budgets and offering multiple possibilities to explore this land.

We travel in a small group managed by a team of professionally trained trek guide, cook and Sherpas so each and every of our traveller will be provided personal care with quality service. We know our responsibility towards our guest, to the local people, their costume and culture, to the environment, and to our own holiday crew so you will have socio-eco friendly atmosphere accompanied by professional service. We are highly dedicated to make your holiday in the Himalaya a wonderful one which will be an everlasting experience in your life.

Adventure tourism here dates back to the early attempts to scale the world's highest peaks. It has come a long way since. While trekking, mountaineering and game watching have long been popular, an entire range of other possibilities have been explored in the recent years- rafting, biking, fishing, rock climbing, paragliding, ultra-light aircraft, hot air ballooning, mountain flight, boating and bungee jumping.

This varied landscape has some of the best sites for these activities, raging rivers to run, mountains to scale, clear blue skies, challenging treks, fine lakes and rivers to boat, fish and raft down, and a wild terrain to ride. Come be part of the experience.