Things to do in Bhutan

The small mountain kingdom of Bhutan is located in the Himalayas and is known as “The Land of the Thunder Dragon”. This little developed country was previously closed to the outside world, and is sometimes referred to as idyllic, with outstanding scenery and an interesting and welcoming culture. Tourism to Bhutan is regulated through high minimum pricing, which helps to reduce the crowds and control the impact of tourism. You can visit the National Museum of Bhutan there, or visit the nearby Taktshang Monastery, which hangs off of a cliff and is the most famous monastery in Bhutan. There are a number of dzongs (monastery/forts) that you can visit, of which the Trongsa Dzong is perhaps the most famous. The region of Bumthang is considered to be very spiritual, and is home to many monasteries. Trekking is a very popular activity for visitors to Bhutan, and you can trek to the capital Thimpu or to more remote destinations. Wherever you go, the scenery and culture will be impressive.

Trekking: The main attraction of Bhutan is “Tiger Nest Monastery”. It is common for the tour operators and the guides to take you to this breath taking place as it is significantly featured in every Bhutan tour related books and posters. You can not imagine the thrill and the surprise you get while trekking to this place. Trekking to this place is tiring as you need to climb the almost 3,000 ft valley to reach this 17th century marvelous creation. Cameras, hats, bags, even shoes are removed when you enter into sacred rooms of this place. This monastery is built on a cliff rock which is a treat to vision. You can see the monks chanting as whisper silently. There are many statues and sculptures in this place and people offer flowers in front of them. They believe the holy spirits still resides there. So trekking is fun when you travel here in group.

Gaza Hot spring: Trekking to this place takes almost 6 hours from Damji. After crossing the wheat fields, rolling hills and passes, some villages you can reach this hot spring Gaza/Gasa. The local Bhutanese guys help you to soak yourself in hot mineral waters. Relax and refresh yourself in this natural spa.

Shop at Weekend Market: The capital Thimphu is known for its weekend market which opens on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If you love to taste the fresh fruits of this mountainous place, rush and get the delicious varieties of fruit arranged in baskets. On another side the archery items are sold at reasonable rates. If you are interested to know about the national sport of Bhutan, then you can buy the traditional bows, arrows, Fletching and bow strings. Your cravings for art pieces come to an end when you buy yak tail dusters and butter tea cups. This is the place to pass your time leisurely, as it looks like London Street Market.

Cultural festivals:  If you are visiting Bhutan during its festivals, then you can guarantee yourself for a wonderful experience that comes out of participating in those colorful and cultural festivals. Ura festival, Thimphu Festival, Bumthang – Thangbi festival, Paro festival, Punaka festival, Trongsa Festival are some of the regional festivals celebrated widely. The National Day Celebrations and King’s Birth Day celebrations are worth watching.

Tours: Taking a tour package is one of the best and only ways to travel around Bhutan. Tour packages range form long to short and cover sightseeing and trekking. It’s a great way for you to get the most out of Bhutan

Sightseeing: Bhutan is full of ancient and wonderful things and places to see. A sightseeing tour of Bhutan is a worth while activity where you can see all the best sights and learn a lot about the country, its history and culture.

Bird watching:  Bhutan is such a naturally rich country. Many birds live and migrate here. You can spend time observing finches, kingfishers, ibis, cranes and many others.