Yoga courses

Yoga courses

Yoga and its scientific methods have been adopted world wide as an alternative yet proficient methodology in curing and balancing psycho-physiological aliments. Today with the development of science and its technological innovation life has become comfortable yet seemingly competitive which intern is resulting in abnormality, tension, anxiety, boredom and unhappiness in the society. Today material possession and technological advancement have proven inadequacy of solving human's everyday living and its problems.

Yoga is an ancient and time tested science, based on the technical system for stilling the turbulence of mind and harnessing physical and mental energies for maintaining resilience. Which works with the holistic principle of integration of body, mind, emotion and spiritual dimension of a being.


Yoga Benefits:

Combining Yoga with trekking helps you in many ways. Some of its benefits are given below.

01.Yoga improves your athletic performance.
02.Greater physical Stamina.
03.Increases your muscle strength and tone.
04.Gives you more energy.
05.Improves posture, flexibility and balance.
06.Improves ability to deal with stress.
07.Improves quality of sleep.
08.Help cure many discomfort and Diseases.
09.Better mental clarity.


Yoga Morning Period 1hour20min

01.Joint releasing (15-20Min)
02.Kapalbhatti/Bhatrika Pranayam (5Min) (Breathing)
03.Rest/Witnessing (2Min)
04.Suryanamaskara (9Round) (10Min) (Sun-salutation)
05.Rest/Witnessing (3Min)
06.Stretching (20Min)
07.Meditation (20Min)