Before to travel Nepal?

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Before to travel Nepal?

there is a high degree of tolerance towards visitors, but away from these places foreigners should be sensitive to local customs. Shamanism, Pan-animism & Witch-craft are still practiced in remote regions. Temples, shrines, monuments and monasteries are extremely active with devotees burning butter-lamps, singing hymns, chiming temple bells and playing drums.

As a visitor you must respect Nepalese custom and cultural heritage and treat sensitively. "Please do not try to change Nepal, but let Nepal change you!". Here are some must-made checklist, before to travel Nepal.

Important check list

Passport & Visa  |   Entry Points  |   Time & Communication  |   Medical Matters  |   Electricity  |   Costs and Currency  |   Language  |   Food & Drink  |   Equipments & Clothing

Helpful information

People & Culture  |   Cultural Considerations  |   Trekking in Nepal  |   Health issue and altitude sickness  |   Emergency Evacuation  |   Physical Preparation for Trekking  |   Shopping in Nepal  |   Photography in Nepal  |   Nepal Domestic Flights  |  

It’s usually good enough to just arrive at Tribhuvan International with your passport and apply for a tourist visa there. Nepal issues 60-day single-entry visas but getting an extension (up to 30 days at a time with a maximum limit of 120 days) is usually easy. Visa fees are regularly revised. Keep passport size photographs handy. Passports are mandatory for all but Indians for whom even a voter’s identity card will pass as valid ID.You are suggested not to bring the Rs 500 denomination of the Indian Rupee into Nepal. You must produce your passport at the time of leaving. Leaving Nepal doesn’t require an exit visa.

Nepal entry routes:

Arriving by Air:
Upon arrival at Tribhuwan International Airport, 5 km east of the Kathmandu City Centre, you’ll first have to deal with immigration. An exchange window in the immigration hall cashes travellers' cheques. Baggage claim is downstairs, where if you're quick you might be able to grab a trolley. The bank, to the right as you exit customs, changes money at rates slightly lower than those in town. Nearby there is a government tourist information desk, which hands out free magazines and city maps. Taxi fares into town are quasi-fixed buy a coupon from the cooperative association desk and present it to one of the member drivers. We offer airport pickup service too, so if your travel plan includes airport pickup service then please check for your name card just outside the exit gate of airport terminal building.

Entry by surface:
Entry points for those entering the country by surface are- Bhairahawa (Sunauli), Birgunj (Raxaul) & Kararbhitta (Siliguri) from India and Kodari (Zhangmu) if you are entering from  Tibet.

International Airlines flying to Nepal:

Nepal Airlines- operates Delhi, Bangkok, Hongkong, Malaysia, Dubai, Osaka
Quatar Airways- operates several flights per week to Nepal from its hub in Doha.
Gulf air- operates several flights to Nepal from its two hubs in the Gulf.
Thai Airways- operates daily flights to Kathmandu from Bangkok.
Orient Thai- Another airlines from Thailand also flies to Kathmandu.
Silk Air- flies Singapore to Kathmandu
Dragon Air and Hongkong- Express fly from Hongkong to Kathmandu.
Jet Airways, Jetlite and Indian Airlines- shuttle between Kathmandu and Delhi.
Ethihad of UAE, Air arabia ,PIA , Biman Bangladesh - also have their regular operations to Neapl.

Nepal Domestic flights
All major cities and some of the important trekking trail heads have air connection in Neapl.These include cities like Pokhara , Bhairahawa/Lumbini and Chitwan etc or trailheads like jomsom and Lukla.Buddha air and Yeti air are major domestic carriers, others are Gorkha air, Agni air and Sita air.A number of companies are operating helicopter services as well. Nepal has no trains .People usually travel by buses.There are tourist buses from Kathmandu to tourist hubs like Pokhara and Chitwan. These are express buses that stop on the way only for Lunch.

Airport Tax
There is no departure tax / airport tax include on international and domestic flights ticket.