Air Ticketing

Across Himalaya arrange flight tickets to your destinations all over the Nepal comfortably and with many years experience. There are several scheduled flights to major domestic airports. Most flights originate from Kathmandu. Besides schedule flights, we can make arrangements and confirm charter flights either fixed wing or helicopter for sightseeing and transportation. Our continuous business with all the airlines of Nepal has offered us an unshakable position on Domestic ticket Booking in Nepal. You will get your tickets at an unbeatable price from us as our sales volume is very large. Staff from all airlines in Nepal acknowledges the tickets issued by us and we welcome their efforts to provide you excellent service.

Air travel has gained popularity as the land travel is long and exhausting in Nepal. Traveling by land is much more time consuming and is not as comfortable as air travel due to the poor conditions of the highways. These conditions deteriorate at times, especially during the rainy season (June-August), thus making traveling by air the best option during this time. The available domestic air offers reliable and quality services covering almost all important regions of Nepal for tourism related activities.

Nepal Domestic Air Ticketing

Flying in Nepal is exciting for the pilots are skilled at landing in remote airstrips and fly in seemingly impossible monsoon weather without benefit of IFR beacons. The old adage that they don’t fly when there are clouds because “the clouds have rocks in them” doesn’t seem to hold these days, especially where the route is reasonable. Their safety record is enviable.

Small STOL (Short-Take-Off-and-Landing) aircraft provide service to small airstrips in many parts of Nepal. Helicopters can also provide service to trekking sites. There is increasing helicopter access to other places in the hills, not just airstrips but district centers. Many of these sites are not popular with trekkers but can be useful for jumping off.

Domestic air routes for major tourist sectors :-

Kathmandu Mountain Flight  $ 160  $ 30 + 2 $ 192
Kathmandu Pokhara  $ 106  $ 14 + 2 $ 122
Kathmandu Lukla  $ 144  $ 15 + 2 $ 161
Kathmandu Bhairahawa  $ 121  $ 18 + 2 $ 141
Kathmandu Bharatpur  $ 98  $ 9 + 2 $ 109
Kathmandu Simara  $ 92  $ 12 + 2 $ 106
Kathmandu Biratnagar  $ 128  $ 25 + 2 $ 155
Kathmandu Janakpur  $ 106  $ 11 + 2 $ 119
Kathmandu Bhadrapur  $ 157  $ 26 + 2 $ 185
Kathmandu Nepalgunj  $ 157  $ 28 + 2 $ 187
Kathmandu Tumglingtar  $ 120  $ 16 + 2 $ 138
Kathmandu Rumjatar      
Kathmandu Dhangadi  $ 178  $ 38 + 2 $ 218
Pokhara Jomsom  $ 100   $ 9 + 2  $ 111
Nepalgunj Simikot      
Nepalgunj Jumla      

Note: As per the Govt. of Nepal Regulations, passengers are subjected to pay an additional Airport Tax of NPR 200 at the same time where you bought the air ticket. Baggage Allowance is 20 KG per passenger for Jet Stream Sector and 15KG for remote sector

International Air Ticketing

Kathmandu is the hub for Tibet / Bhutan / India and other Asian Countries. There are many international flights from and to Kathmandu and in the present days all the International carriers are attracted to this Himalayan Country.