Tiji Festival Nepal

The full form of Tiji is "Temba Tshiring”, which is celebrated in the Lo Manthang region by Tibetan Buddhist people. This Festival is the most auspicious festival in the Upper Mustang region of Nepal. This festival has been practiced since 17th century. Since, Tiji festival is a lunar Festival, the dates are different every year. So, there is no exact date when to celebrate it. When tourists started to visit upper Mustang then it got publicity, so people started to know about this festival all over the world. There was a King Samduk Rabden in 17th century who started this festival. This festival was started to wish goodness of the King and Queen of Lo Manthang, wish peace in Nepal and Universal peaceness.

But according to the legend, a divine being named Dorjo Jono fought against his father to protect the kingdom of Mustang from great destruction. His father was a devil who brought fear amongst the people by bringing scarcity of water in such a desolate region. Dorjo Jono, hence defeated his demon father and dispersed him away from Mustang. Honouring this legend, the festival is celebrated to bring peace and prosperity in the region.

The Tenchi festival is celebrated as the victory of God over Demon and Good over Evil. Over the Mustang Tenchi Festival time monks dressed in elaborate costumes and masks perform dances and rituals that are supposed to drive away evil spirits. The monks of Chhode Monastery have been performing this religious dance every year in Lo-Manthang, over three days in the courtyard of Mustang Royal Palace. During the three days, dance performances by the local monks of Chode monastery take place. On the first day the monks perform a dance called ‘Tsa Chaam’, which tells the story of the birth of ‘Dorjo Jono- a reincarnated Buddha to a demon. This demon harassed the kingdom of Mustang and brought in havoc to the country. On the second day, the monks perform ‘NgaCham’. During this performance, Dorjo Jonotries to return the demon to the Buddha realm. On the third and final day of the festival, the ‘Rha Chham’ dance takes place. On this ceremony, Dorjo Jonotriumphs over the evil demon and banishes him from Mustang.