Gosainkunda Lake

Gosainkunda is an alpine lake (Oligotrophic lake) in Nepal's Langtang National Park which is located in an altitude of 4380m in rasuwa district. It has a surface of 34 acres where different lake is associated together where its complex complex size is 4.0 sq. m. It was also designated as Ramsar site on 29 September 2007. In winter, month of October to June the lake melts down and form a Trishuli River which gets frozen for 6 months. There are 108 lakes in this area which are small to medium sizes.

Gosainkunda has been declared as religious site. Gosainkunda has the attributes of Hindu Mythology as the abode of Shiva and Gauri. Its water is considered as holy and have significance during the Gangadashahara and Janai Purnima. Many pilgrims from Nepal and India visit the area during these festivals. Gosainkunda is believed that it was made by Lord Shiva. And he thrust is Trishul (holy weapon of lord Shiva) into the mountains to extract waters to cool his throat after having poison.

Gosainkunda is also the Nepal's trekking site. Gosainkunda trek adjoins the famous Langtang Valley Trek in same district. The trek to Gosainkunda starts in Syabru Besi in Langtang himal or in Sundarijal in Kathmandu. During the trek trekkers can reach up to 10500 ft to 12100 ft. Many trekkers choose to stay in laureibinayak which is about 12100 ft where they can see sunrise and sunset of Langtang and Ganesh himal. During the trek, trails are well marked except some places like Gopte and Thadepati. Many foreigners choose Gosainkunda trek while visiting Nepal. Gosaainkunda is surrounded by beautiful scenario, Himalayas range, delightful forest and lush wild nature. It is fascinated with the traditional civilization of Tamang people. Theit cultures and value renowned Chinese business and abundant wildlife. Climbing to Gosainkunda is not so difficult but the road is steep and rocky. The best time to visit Gosainkunda is in autumn and spring season due to instability of weather. The weather in Gosainkunda is quite unpredictable where it can change in a minute. The weather is always wet so arranging the necessary stuff is must during the trek. Thus, Gosainkunda trek is one of the important and popular trek in Nepal for domestic tourist.

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